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Azerbaijan debuted to the contest in 2008 and they’ve been joining to the contest since then. Their debut song was Day After Day which sung by Elnur&Samir. Song had written by Göher Hesenzadeh and composed by Zehra Bədəlbəyli. In 2008 they qualified for the final and finished 8th in the final with 132 points.

In 2009 world-wide famous Iranian-Swedish singer Arash offer a song to Azerbaijani Delegation and he said he wants one more person for sing the song with. And they’ve started to a National Final and they chose Aysel Teymurzade.

Azerbaijan Sweden relationship starts right here actually cause “Always” had written by famous Swedish artists and Arash himself.

And in 2009 Azerbaijan placed third in the contest.

In 2010 Azerbaijani Delegation ordered three song from Swedish composers and writers. Three singers/bands sang the song in the final.And Safura Alizade won it with the song Drip Drop. Song has written by Sandra Bjurman and composed by Stefan Örn and Anders Bagge.

Swedish back vocalists joined her on stage in Oslo. And they placed fifth in final with 145 points.

Even Zeljko Joksimovic, who send 5 song to Eurovision,  made an balkan version of Drip Drop.

In 2011 Azerbaijan come up with and National Final called “Milli Seçim Turu” artists have sung covers of songs for weeks and in the end Jury decided to send Eldar&Nigar to the contest. Running Scared was written by Sandra Bjurman, Stefan Örn and composed by Sandra Bjurman, Stefan Örn, Iain Farquharson. And Shirley’s Angels team were in their team in 2011 who competed in #Melfest 2011 and eliminated in Andra Chansen. And in 2011 Azerbaijan received their first victory with 221 points.

In 2012 Sabina Babayeva won “Milli Seçim Turu” but this time it’s decided by public votes. Azerbaijan delegation revealed the song after choosing the singer again. They sent the song “When The Music Dies” and this time song was written and composed by Sandra Bjurman, Stefan Örn, Anders Bagge, Johan Kronlund “as always”. What a surprise Swedish back vocalists joined them on stage. They finished 4th in the final with 150 points.

In 2013 they’ve chosen their representative via “Milli Seçim Turu” again but this time artists sang the song which they will sing in Malmö like in 2010. Farid Mammadov won with the song “Hold Me”. Song was written by John Ballard and Ralph Charlie Al Faher and composed by Greek Dimitris Kontopoulos. And it was choreographied by Greek Fokas. Farid came second in 2013 with 234 points. And 2014 #Melfest singer Alvaro Estralla was one of the back vocalists of Farid.



In 2014 Azerbaijan chose Dilara with the National Final named “Böyük Səhnə”. For some Eurovision Fans Dilara didn’t care about contest enough cause she joined to X Factor Ukraine. With the song “Start A Fire” Dilara had the 9th place in Semi-Final and qualified for the final. She got the worst place of Azerbaijan in Eurovision she finished in 22nd place with 33 points.

In 2015 Azerbaijan didn’t make any National Final they only chose the Eurovision Veteran ,who competed in 2008 for Azerbaijan and won The Voice Turley in 2014-2015 season, Elnur for representing them. His song “Hour Of The Wolf” was written bySandra Bjurman, Nicolas Rebscher, Nicklas Lif, Lina Hansson and composed by Nicolas Rebscher, Nicklas Lif, Lina Hansson. Elnur finished 12th in the Final with 49 points.


Actually not only Azerbaijan took something from Sweden Alex Jafarzadeh ,who is from Azerbaijan, is a dancer and singer in Sweden. He was the dancer vocal of Danny Saucedo with the song Amazing and Oscar Zia with the song Yes We Can.  And according to some rumors he sent a song named Fanga Mig for #Melfest but he couldn’t make it to #Melfest.

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