Today first nine countries of first semifinal has completed their rehearsal. Some acts were happy for their rehearsal, some of them were upset because of some stage accidents. Tomorrow the other participants who will perform at second semifinal will rehearse for their first time on the stage. But now, let’s read the article about today.


Not just only for a opening act for Eurovision 2016 It was actually awesome for a great beginning to a busy week. Volunteers and press were dancing in Press centre with Sing It Away. Finland really used the camera angles really good also they used catwalk really successfully.  And she was dancing with her 5 back vocalists. And actually at the end of the show her back vocalists were coming like in Molly Petterson Hammar’s I’ll Be Fine Performance.




Unfortunately because of some issues we couldn’t hear the live vocals of Argo and I can say that their staging carried the song. And the parts which women sing is really good especially their choreographies are really good with women vocalists but when the Rap part comes I can’t say the same as I said for women. Their dancing traditionally but they trying to be modern but it looks weird actually.



Actually staging started really simple and it wasn’t something great but in a unexpected moment an astronaut comes and everybody in press centre was like “What!” than in last one moment Lidia is really grows on stage with wind machine and lights. But I’m not sure if it can stand out in the third room.




It was really similar to the A Dal performance but but they used the LED Screen on the floor really great that it kinda carries the staging and Freddie’s vocals were really good.  And the drum sticks with lights were missing on the Rehearsals. He was singing with his three back vocalists like in A Dal.




To be honest we were all expecting the 18 kilograms dress but it wasn’t there we only saw the the cover which dancers will take of after the first minute of the song. But vocals were amazing ,as always, background was with full of stars and simple. In the first rehearsal angles weren’t so good but in the second one they’ve really fixed the issues about that. But jury will support this act without any doubt.



The Netherlands

It was a simple staging with a clock in floor, on the LED Screens, and there was a piano on the stage. And while the performance there were some problem with the voice connections so unfortunately we don’t have so much ideas about his vocals.




We all were expecting something different from Armenia and it was really different and original not for all of the fans I’ll explain you later. This performance got the most cheers after Sergey. And they’ve used pyro techniques during the Armenia’s performance cause it really carries the show furthermore. But I’ve to admit that they take two elements from National Final Seasons one is from Oscar Zia’s show with a lot of Camera angles but not as fast as and as much as Oscar’s. Also they used the hologram techniques from Eesti Laul but not as cheap or it’s not the main point. Vocals were absolutely amazing, again as always. But I for people who didn’t see any National final this will be the most affective staging so far in Eurovision 2016.




San Marino

Surprise Surprise disco balls weren’t for Serhat. But the platforms ,which we thought that were there for Belgium, used by San Marino He has 5 back vocalists and dancers also there were some dancers in the screens to make it look like there are more people on stage like in Ukraine 2012 and vocals were on point.




Expectations were really high and it looks like both fans and press really satisfied from the staging actually especially the beginning part is really similar to Mans’s performance and also you can see his shadow on the white curtain which makes it really un professional. Last part is really strong but in the first performance women back vocalists voice sounded really bad but in the last rehearsal they fixed that issue. Their press conference was the busiest one of the they also.



That’s all the for today, we will be here tomorrow again. Go on following us !