Anne Marie David/ Corinne Hermes/ Jeane Manson Source: Anne Marie David ‘s Facebook Account

Anne Marie David, Corinne Hermes and Jeane Manson going to be in İstanbul 18th of February…Anne Marie David (winner of Luxembourg in 1973 and representative of France in 1979), Corinne Hermes (winner of Luxembourg in 1983) and Jeane Manson (representative of Luxembourg in 1979) give charity concert for children on the 18th of February at Raffles Hotel in Istanbul. The night starts at 19.30.

The night is held by Erkan Özerman (Turkish producer, organizer, artist manager) and French Consulate General cooperation.

Anne Marie David – “Tu te reconnaîtras” – 1973 Luxembourg, Winner


Anne Marie David – “Je suis l’enfant-soleil” – 1979 France, 3rd


Jeane Manson- “J’ai Déjà Vu Ça Dans Tes Yeux” -1979 Luxembourg, 13th

Corinne Hermès – “Si la vie est cadeau”-1983 Luxembourg,Winner