Hungary finished their heats last week and tonight was the first Semi-Final.Kállay Saunders Band  with “Who We Are”, Gergő Oláh with “Győz a jó”, Petruska  with “Trouble in My Mind” and Mushu with “Uncle Tom” qualified for the final.

In the first round after nine acts performed Jury and Public voted (50/50) and three of the songs qualified for the final directly.

1-Kállay Saunders Band  with “Who We Are”


2-Gergő Oláh with “Győz a jó”

3-Petruska  with “Trouble in My Mind”

Second round was only televote and winner from the last six acts  had the chance to going to the Final in 27th of February.


Winner Of Second Round:Mushu with “Uncle Tom”