We came to the end of A Dal 2018 the Hungarian national final. Hungary will be represented by AWS  with the song “Viszlát nyár” in the capital of Portugal, Lisbon at the Eurovision 2018

Total of 3 heats and 2 semi finals have been held along the national final. 8 artists competed in the final and 50% jury – 50% SMS votes were counting when deciding the winner.

These was the running order;

Zsolt Süle “Zöld a május”
Gergely Dánielfy “Azt mondtad”
Gábor Heincz Biga “Good Vibez”
Leander Kills “Nem szól harang”
AWS “Viszlát nyár”
Viktor Király “Budapest Girl”
yesyes “I Let You Run Away”
Tamás Horváth “Meggyfa”