Today group members of Lighthouse X have shared a sad message via their official social media account that they decided to end their four-year adventure. 


The three members

S├Şren Bregendal is a natural-born pop star, who has toured the world with his former band, C21. Since then he has released an album as a solo artist and worked as a critically acclaimed actor and stage performer. S├Şren supports grieving children and young adults with either deadly ill or recently deceased siblings and parents.

Johannes Nymark works as an actor on film, TV and stage. He has performed in some of the biggest musicals in Denmark and played leading roles in productions like Les Mis├ęrables and SinginÔÇÖ In The Rain as well as the title role in DisneyÔÇÖs Aladdin. Johannes supports children born with heart diseases.

Martin Skriver graduated from the Danish Musical Academy in 2013 and has established himself as one of the genreÔÇÖs rising stars through his roles in The Little Mermaid and Evita. Martin supports marginalized and overweight children.


Lighthouse X represented Denmark at 61th Eurovision Song Contest but couldn’t qualify at second semi-final to perform in the grand final┬áone more time.

That’s the sad message:


Dear everyone,

We have decided to play our last Lighthouse X show during Copenhagen Pride this coming Wednesday. We are ending our four-year adventure, which has included winning the Danish Melodi Grand Prix as well as a unique collaboration with our dear friends at Call me, with whom we have been fighting for a good cause ÔÇô┬áa better and more compassionate society.

What started out as an idea and a vision four years ago evolved into a fantastic project, which has shown completely new ways of how the worlds of culture and business can collaborate and take on an active role in society as ambassadors of positive change. We have felt a little bit like the bumblebee that shouldnÔÇÖt be able to fly ÔÇô but, wow, how high we managed to fly after all. It is both beautiful, inspiring and deeply meaningful to us to be able to think back on everything we have created and experienced together. A lot of it we would never have been able to achieve without the impressive support from fans and supporters, both in Denmark and internationally. Our hearts are full of gratitude for your support.

With Lighthouse X we have achieved more than we ever dared to dream that we could. The last four years have been an incredibly amazing journey for us, during which we have performed in front of a countless number of people, listened to their stories and done everything we could to make a positive change in the world. All along, we have been side by side with a passionate team at Call me, the fourth member of Lighthouse X. That was our mission when we founded the band in 2012, and we have accomplished it.

Lighthouse X has always been a project with a limited lifespan, and all three of us agree that Copenhagen Pride, with its focus on diversity and freedom of speech, is the ideal occasion for shutting down Lighthouse X for now. So we are going to stop while the going is good ÔÇô really good, even! ÔÇô and we are looking forward to saying ÔÇśuntil next timeÔÇÖ to all of you, our supporters, who have followed us and supported us, and we hope to see all of you on August 17th.

As we are writing these words, deep love and gratitude are flowing through us. The many messages and mails we have received from you over the years, and all the conversations we have had with several of you around the country, tell us that there is, indeed, an army of soldiers of love out there. We are proud to have walked side by side with you. THANK YOU for everything we have experienced together. You have given us memories for life!

Many loving regards,
Martin, Johannes & S├Şren