Participants of 2018 edition of Melodifestivalen were revealed yesterday. Contrary to expectations, Alcazar’s name was not included on the list.

Lina Hedlund and Tess Merkel, members of Alcazar band, had shared a video on Instagram just a few days prior to announcement of Melodifestivalen participants.

“On Tuesday you will to see what’s going to happen for Alcazar. Stay with us.”

Though everybody thought it was certain that Alcazar was going to be a part of Melfest, the truth was different.

Some rumours said that, Alcazar was removed from Melfest list because they revealed a hint regarding their participation. However, Andreas Lundstedt from Alcazar explained the reason under a comment of a follower on Instagram.

“No, they decided to reject us because we sent the best dance song. When they heard the song, they realised that this time we have a great chance of winning. (The song is written by Linnea and Joy Deb.) I guess, Christer Björkman and SVT have different plans about who is going to win. I am really curious what is going to happen.”

On another comment under the same post, he added:

“Surely, we’ll keep on being alive. Alcazar is celebrating its 20th year next year. It’ll be so much fun looking forward to it.”

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