Monika & Vaidas
Lithuania has determined the artist who will be on the stage in Vienna. It is a duet.
Mia, Monika & Vaidas raced to win national final.
And Monika & Vaidas won the competition.

Results of votes:

Vaidas 1,
Vaidas Baumila is Lithuanian singer and actor. He became known after finishing 3rd in TV3 music reality show Dangus in 2005. He released his first album Ką Tu Mėgsti? in 2006.


Music is Monika’s passion. She learnt playing piano in the age of four. Later on, Monika started practicing her vocals. “I am sure that the biggest human achievement is self-discovery. I can say it from my own experience”, Monika says on her facebook page. Her vocals teachers Kristina Jatautaitė and Rosita Čivilytė are very impressed by Monika’s talent, and support the young artist on her musical career. Monika took part in different festivals, concerts and TV shows.