Germany has determined the artists for Vienna. German national final┬áUnser Song f├╝r ├ľsterreich was amazing with color shows.

Seven known artist and Ann Sophie (winner of clup concert) compated to be winner. And Ann Sophie and her song Black Smoke will be in Vienna.

First Step:

  • Mrs. Greenbird: Shine, Shine, Shine
  • Alexa Feser: Gl├╝ck
  • Faun: H├Ârst du die Trommeln
  • Noize Generation: Song For You
  • Ann Sophie: Jump The Gun
  • Fahrenhaidt: Frozen Silence
  • Laing: Zeig Deine Muskeln
  • Andreas K├╝mmert: Home Is In My Hands

Second Step:

  • Alexa Feser: Das Gold von morgen
  • Ann Sophie: Black Smoke
  • Laing: Wechselt die Beleuchtung
  • Andreas K├╝mmert: Heart Of Stone

Third Step:

Out of the remaining eight songs (two per act), the public then picked the two best for the super-final: Ann Sophie with Black Smoke, and Andreas K├╝mmert with Heart Of Stone. Winner of televote Andreas didn’t participant to Vienna. And Ann will be on the stage in Vienna.


Alexa Feser : 
Gl├╝ck and Das Gold von morgen

Ann Sophie : 
Black Smoke and Jump The Gun

Andreas Kümmert : Home Is In My Hands and Heart Of Stone

Fahrenhaidt : Frozen Silence and Mother Earth


Faun :┬áH├Ârst du die Trommeln and┬áAbschied


Zeig deine Muskeln and Wechselt die Beleuchtung

Mrs. Greenbird

Mrs. Greenbird : Shine, Shine, Shine and Take My Hand

Noize Generation : A Song For You and Crazy Now