cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-logo311.jpg Do you like everything about Eurovision? Do you have an hour per day? We are looking for our family;

– Social Media Experts (Facebook, Twitter etc)

– Content Editors


Most important thing is you have the right enthusiasm! Everyone is equal.

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About us:

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Why ESCape?

As we pointed out in our moto, there are a lot of Eurovision fans and people who came across Eurovision news, who are ‘running away from ordinary reporting’ and who are confused about which news they can trust. The idea of a place where one can escape from these circumstances is the reason why you are reading these lines.

We are the site focused primarily on Turkey, but our aim is to post news in three languages. We hope you will find amusement here and that you will seek to hear the latest and most accurate news from us.

You can acquire information from our team at any time. You can contact us via email and ask about anything.

We hope to become a new breath among Turkish Eurovision websites. We love you all!

ESCape Team