The grand final of 2016’s The Voice of Turkey has been held this evening.

Elnur Hüseynov, who has made everyone speak about him from the beginning of the show that he has attempted, and afterwards who has won that show which can literally translate “The Voice of Turkey”, performed the remix version of his 2015 Eurovision song for Azerbaijan.

Hüseynov has won the contest from the crew of Ebru Gündeş last year, and his big success has been noticed by the national broadcast of Azerbaijan, “İctimai TV” and then they offered to Elnur to represent his country Azerbaijan for second time.

Elnur Hüseynov has performed his song “Hour of the Wolf” at 2015 Eurovision Song Contest and he has ended up the contest with 49 points at 12th place. Therewithal, Hüseynov has represented Azerbaijan, seven years ago from his participation to “The Voice of Turkey”. He has sung his song “Day After Day” with Samir at 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, which held in the capital of Serbia, in Belgrade, and they have ended up the contest with 132 points at 8th place.

You can watch the performance of Elnur Hüseynov at the stage of “The Voice of Turkey” from here: