As we promised here are the details of Polina Gagarina, Who finished second(both in Jury and Public) in Eurovision 2015 with the song A Million Voices, concert in London.


She began with a stunning sparkling dress she was gorgeous. And she sang a short version of A Million Voices. To be honest her live voice was amazing and really powerful still don’t know why her voice wasn’t that good in Eurovision. After a few songs she change her dress really quickly and she sang one of her singles from 2015 “Я не буду” with dancers her voice was even better when she was dancing. Then she changed her dress again to an another amazing dress. It was Grey and White with a tail and this woman knows how to wear and carry a dress she manage the dress perfectly. After some rock and alternative songs guess what she changed her dress again to a sparkling red short dress which amazing too. And beat gone up up up in every song she keep dancing only thing that I can say is OMG. At the and when everyone thought it was the end she came with her Eurovision dress from now on I can’t keep calm cause it was amazing over my expectations when I first her like that I start shaking and she started to A million Voices with Russian version than the English version.




It was amazing. If she is coming to your city I’m absolutely highly recommend you to go. We’re sorry we couldn’t be in Riga but as you see we were somewhere else important. But we will be in Amsterdam next week and after we will be at London party. And obviously in Stockholm. For more information and live streams don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Periscope and Twitter.