Belarusian and Ukrainian fans have chosen the their superstar to represent their countries in Bulgaria.

These two countries had national selection to determine the junior artist who will represent the own countries for JESC 2015.

According to results of jury & public votes, Belarus will be represented by Ruslan Aslanov, and Anna Trincher ‘ll represent Ukraine in Sofia.

Ruslan Aslanov -13 years old- overcomed from his nine competitors at selection night. Both public and jury voted for Ruslan’s representation. The song “Volshebstvo” will be performed on the stage by him.
The total result of Belarusian selection:


1. Ruslan Aslanov – 24 points 
2. Neskuchniy Vozrast – 14 points 
3. Maria Novik – 14 points 
4. Zinaida Kupriyanovich – 13 points 
5. Elizaveta Muravyeva – 13 points 
6. Maria Magilnaya – 11 points 
7. Zanarak – 9 points 
8. Elizaveta Kozak & Alyona Tovstik – 8 points 
9. Alexander Makhankov – 5 points 
10. Angelina Vasilyevskaya – 5 points


The Ukranian fans prefered for Anna and her song ” Pochny z sebe (Start with yourself)” . Fourteen artist had live performance on national selection, but Anna goes to Bulgaria to represent Ukraine.


You can listen other Anna’s live performances via YouTube Channel.