Next year’s representative brodcaster of Belgium VRT, announced the plan of the country for the next year.

Just a little reminder: Belgium has got two state brodcasters. One of them is RTBF which is the brodcaster of French area in Belgium. And also they participated the country this year. And the other one is VRT which is the brodcaster of the Dutch side in Belgium and it will represent the country next year. They have been exchanging that duty year by year, for many years.

For the next year, the broadcaster is planning to organize a national final. After Loïc’s success, VRT does not want to be less succesfull than the other national broadcaster RTBF.

Last entry of VRT was “Mother” which is sung by Axel Hirsoux, in Copenhagen. But unfortunately he could not qualify through the final. Also that year VRT had held a national final.

If you are interested in being the next participant of Belgium, you can apply through More details about the national final will be released later this year.