Today, the name of songs and acts were anounced by NRK. And this year a legend will be on the stage in Oslo.

NRK announced date on the 7th of January via Norsk Melodi Grand Prix’s official Twitter account. Silya Nymoen and Kare Magnus are this years hosts.

Norsk MGP going to hold on the 14 March and live from Oslo Spektrum. This year 800 songs was sent to NRK.

And 11 acts will fight to be winner :

Song: Cinderella
Artist: Alexandra Joner
Lyrics/Music: Erik Smaaland, Kristoffer Tømmerbakke (GoToGuy)

Song: Heaven
Artist: Contrazt
Lyrics/Music: Jan Lysdahl, Jacob Collin Launbjerg

Song: Thunderstruck
Artist: Erlend Bratland
Lyrics: Erlend Bratland, Linnea Deb
Music: Joy Deb, Linnea Deb

Song: We Don’t Worry
Artist: Ira Konstantinidis
Lyrics: Ali Pirzad, Julie Bergan
Music: Øyvind Blikstad, Bjarte Giske

Song: Next to You
Artist: Jenny Langlo
Lyrics/Music: Jenny Langlo, Robin Mortensen Lynch, Niklas Olovson

Song: Human Beings
Artist: Karin Park
Lyrics/Music: Karin Park, Guy Chambers

Song: Ta meg tilbake
Artist: Marie Klåpbakken
Lyrics/Music: Marie Klåpbakken, Linn Hege Sagen, Olav Tronsmoen

Song: A Monster Like Me
Artist: Mørland & Debrah Scarlett
Lyrics/Music: Kjetil Mørland

Song: Louder
Artist: Raylee
Lyrics/Music: Andreas Stone Johansson & Ricky Hanley

Song: En godt stekt pizza
Artist: Staysman & Lazz
Lyrics/Music: Stian Thorbjørnsen, Petter Kristiansen, Lars-Erik Blokkhus, Jesper Borgen, Magnus Clausen

Song: All Over the World
Artist: Tor & Bettan
Lyrics/Music: Are Selheim, Tor Endresen

You can listen to musics which are short form here.

norvwç.jpg 2

This year Elisabeth Andreassen “Bettan” is going to come back to Music Grand Prix. She had been 4 times on the Eurovision stage. She represented for;
1982 Sweden    1985 Norway    1994 Norway     1996 Norway.
And she was winner with Hanne Krogh – the group name Bobbysocks- in Gothenburg 1985.
Elisabeth Andreassen will perform with Tor Endresen who was representative for Norway in 1997.