Oma Ella Kastner who is the oldest fan of Eurovision┬á passed away at age 105 few weeks ago.Valentina Monetta joined funeral and we learnt her surprise for Vienna…

She sang for her “Maybe” at the cementery and in Church. Later she sang The Prayer and Joyful Joyful for Grandma of Eurovision.

“After that Valentina Monetta visited Oma Ellas hairstylist in Amberg and she got new hair style.”

And there is happy news Valentina will join Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna as part of Delegation San Marino!

Details of Funeral:

“It was international religios funeral with guests from diffrent religions and countries as Bhutan, India… Mark Zuckerberg,OGAE Germany sent flowers and obituary.” – Her Grandson

You can reach Memorial FB Site of Oma Ella from here.


Source: JO grandson and admin from the memorial FB Site of Oma Ella