One of the most important media enterprise of Serbia said that Hari Mata Hari has done a contract with BHRT, even there are some discussions about the composer, which are ussually around ┼Żeljko Joksimovi─ç like he did in 2006 Eurovision Song Contest.

But BHRT told this media group that they’re trying to find a sponsor and they tried to find this sponsor via this media in a way. BHRT made this statement in 6th of November 2014.

They told, they have a time untill European Broadcasting Union let them (14th of November) and they add, they wanted to take part in this contest so much, but they have to discard around 200,000ÔéČ for taking part in this contest and they don’t have an economic situation like that.

As we understood, they couldn’t take part in Eurovision because of sponsor. We hope we’ll see Bosnia in Eurovision in next years.