Bosnia and Herzegovina was one of the countries which announced their representatives so early. Bosnia, which will be represented by Deen & Dalal feat Ana Rucner and Jala announced their song title “Ljubav je” (Love) yesterday. And today they released their song for the first time.

The premier of their Eurovision entry has been held at Sarajevo City Hall. The guests were Marija Šerifović, Nina Badrić and Maya Sar. Marija Šerifović represented Serbia for the firs time ever at Eurovision history, she took the victory to her country with her song “Molitva” which means “Pray”. Maya Sar represented Bosnia and Herzegovina at 2012 Eurovision Song Contest with her song “Korake ti znam” which means “I know your steps”, and she ended up the contest at 18th place, she was the last representative of Bosnia before this year. Nina Badrić represented her country Croatia with her song “Nebo” which means “Sky” but unluckily she couldn’t make it through the final.

Listen to their songs: