This is the most shocked Türkvizyon/Turkvision news ever ??

As a Türkvizyon fan I couldn’t wait for the contest this year it would be the biggest one but I also was scared because TMB’s unplanned things.

This morning the Crimean TV Channel “TRK Millet” which is responsible for the country’s participation confirmed us that Türkvizyon Song Contest will take place in Februry in Turkey’s İzmir.

But as you know this is Turkvision nobody knows what will happen. ?

İzmir is the third developed and crowded city in Turkey, after İstanbul and Ankara. The city has 4,113,072 number of population.

Izmir is such an important city for history, since, culture and for the world. In the past so many innovative inventions were discovered here. The exact date for the contest in unknown we will see what happens in the TMB TV’s side.