Trams in Vienna they will be using till the end of may. It’s designed for Eurovision and it carries the Building Bridges logo.They wanna show the importance if public transport in Vienna and also increase people’s interest in the contest.

Wiener Linien designed in cooperation with the Austrian Broadcasting and GEWISTA a low-floor tram (ULF). The Bim is decorated with the Eurovision Song Contest themed “Building Bridges” and is on its way from now on. By the end of May, the garnish on different lines of the Vienna tram network in use will be.

Deputy Mayor and Councillor Renate Brauner Öffi: 2015 is a special year for us, we can show in front of an audience of billions that Vienna is not only the most liveable city in the world, but also through diversity, joy and tolerance scores. And that the Eurovision Song Contest logo dresses up first of all public transport in Vienna, I am particularly pleased and is also a good sign that we like the song writing in Vienna sustainability and environmental friendliness even at huge events Contest large. Wiener Linien CEO Eduard Winter: “The trams characterize Vienna’s cityscape enormous, 500,000 people ride it every day and so much more they see the ESC Bim we manage to make the Song Contest additionally visible and the interest on. to increase .
PS: Thank you for Rene von Kosak his helps.