As  you know Ireland revealed their Eurovision song for 2016. If you still did’t listen the song It’s Here. But there’s a problem. After 7 years Ireland announced their song without  “The Late Late Show” and without Ryan Tubridy.


Actually this Non-The Late Late Show thing made us happy because it was like it’s name LATE LATE show. Like everlasting.  And actually Ireland’s success has gone worse and worse year by year.

But the weird news is nobody said anything to Ryan Tubridy they just announced the song and even he never heard the song. We’re both sad and happy after this news.


Ryan said: “What they’ve decided is Nicky Byrne is going to represent Ireland on the Eurovision stage, and I for one think it’s a really good idea. For the last seven years, every year we do the Eurosong special and I love doing it and it was great fun and a distraction form the regular type of show we do, but it just didn’t yield the type of result we required.It didn’t yield the right results, and something had to change.”