Tonight, Moldova’s O Melodie Pentru Europa 2015 starts with 12 songs in first semi-final! Just 8 songs will take ticket for final on 28th February… The jury consist of Adrian Beldiman (composer, Radio Moldova chief producer), Iurie Badicu (producer), Aurel Chirtoacă (singer), Aliona Triboi (singer), Andrei Sava (composer), Victor Buruiană (songwriter) and Vlad Costandoi (producer).

The show starts at 19.45 (Local Time) you can watch from here.

You can listen to all entries from here.

1     Eduard Romanyuta                        “I Want Your Love”
2     Marcel Roșca                                 “Feelings Will Never Leave”
3     Kitty Brucknell                                 “Remix”
4     Mihaela Andrei                                “About Love”
5     Raby                                                “Hero”
6     Glam Girls                                       “Magia”
7     Diana Brescan                                 “Up and Down”
8     Serj Kuzenkoff                                 “Danu năzdrăvanu”
9     Domenico Protino                            “Let Me Fly”
10    SunStroke Project & Michael Ra    “Day After Day”
11    Irina Kitoroagă                                “I’m Gonna Get You”
12    Anișoara Volînschi                          “Vocea inimii”

Few days ago TRM shared O Melodie Pentru Europa 2015‘s stage design: