The Festival which made ABBA worldwide just 3 weeks away and that means we’re┬ácontinuing our “Countdown: #Melfest2016” series. This week we will review the second semi-final of #Melfest2016.

Semi-Final 2

It will be held in Malm├Â, Sweden on February 13. Malm├Â, city of Eurovision 2013 actually Malm├ host Eurovision┬á2 times the other was in 1992. And Malm├ Arena has been hosting one semi-final of #Melfest┬ásince 2009 and it was the venue for Eurovision 2013.But who can present Malm├ better then Lynda Woodruf.

Hosts(-Changed- She Will Only Have An Interval Act)

Eurovision’s 1999 winner Charlotte Perrelli will be co-hosting with Gina Dirawi. She won #Melfest two times in 1999 and 2008.┬áPerrelli hosted the first semi-final of #Melfest┬á2003 with Mark Levengood and Lena Philipsson.┬áAfter her success in 2003 she hosted the entire #Melfest in 2004.


Last week we analyzed┬á7 candidates for #Melfest 2016 ┬áand this week we have 2 new comers and one former Finnish Eurovision singer. ┬áLet’s look at them :

1-David Lindgren

First he took part in #Melfest 2012 with the song “Shout It Out”. Then he made his second appearance in #Melfest in 2013 with the song Skyline. And he came 8th. ┬áAnd this will be his third attempt.

For 2016 his song’s name is “We Are Your Tomorrow” and it’s written by┬áAnderz Wrethov, Sharon Vaughn, Gustav Efraimsson. Anderz is the writer of songs like “Always” and “Insomnia”. And He wrote song for Avengers :Age Of Ultron. Sharon wrote the song Survivor for Helena Paparizou and Waterline For Jedward.

2-Victor och Natten

We have a freshman here he will make his first appareance in#Melfest.

His song called┬á“100%” for #Melfest 2016 and it is ┬áwritten by┬áDag Lundberg, Melker, Jesper Lundh.

3-Molly Petterson Hammar


Does anybody remember this heartbreaking and shocking moment from #Melfest 2015 the moment that everbody realise Dolly Style finished over “I’ll Be Fine”. She finished 6th that night. And less then 24 hours she was at the top of┬áSwedish iTunes. But she didn’t give up and she release one song named “Something Better” and she will make her second appearance at #Melfest 2016.



And she will compete with the song “Hunger” in #Melfest 2016. And her song written by herself┬áJoy Deb, Linnea Deb and Anton H├ąrd af Segerstad. They are the co-writer for the songs “Heroes” and “You”


One more singer which will try her chance just after 2015. ISA sang the song “Don’t Stop” at #Melfest2015. And she finished seventh at the final. She is just 17 but she released 3 more song songs in 2015 which named “Drum&Bass”, “Oh My”and “Let It Kill You”.

Her song’s name for 2016 is “I Will Wait” which is written by┬áAnton H├ąrd af Segerstad, Joy Deb, Linnea Deb and Nikki Flores. They’re the same team with “Heroes”, “You” and Molly Petterson Hammar’s 2016 song “Hunger”.

5-Krista Siegfrids

Ding Dong ! Here is our girl Krista Siegfrids. You will remember her from her kiss or wedding dress. YES! Krista from Finland. She is going to be in the same arena again but this time for #Melfest. In 2013 she finished at 24th place. There still questions about Krista because she supposed to host UMK 2016 too at the same days.

Her song is called “Faller” which means “Falling” in English. And song is written by┬áherself,┬áGabriel Alares, Magnus Wallin and Gustaf Svenungsson.

6-Patrik Isaksson, Tommy Nilsson & Uno Svenningsson

1-Patrik Isaksson

He competed in #Melfest two times in 2006 and 2008. In 2012 he competed in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix with a duet with┬áChristian Br├Şns. Since 1999 he has published 6 albums in 2001 his album was in the first place in Swedish Charts. 2-

2-Uno Svenningsson

This year will be his second appearance in #Melfest. First time was in 2007 with the song “God Morgon” but unfortunately he eliminated in Andra Chansen. He has been in music market since 1994.

3-Tommy Nilsson

Also he competed in 2007 in #Melfest too but 27 years ago in 1989 he represented Sweden with the song “En Dag” and he came fourth in Switzerland. And in 2007 he qualified for the final but he came last in the final. He has been making music since 1982.

Their song’s name is”H├ąll mitt hj├Ąrta h├ąrt” which means “Hold my heart hard” in English and song is written by theirselves.


She didn’t release any song but she has a cover for the song “Can’t Help Falling In Love”. She is a newcomer both in #Melfest and Music markets. Good Luck.

Her #Melfest song is called “Save Me” and it’s written by┬áJens Siverstedt, Lauren Dyson, Jonas Wallin.

So we ended second part of our series. And we will keep counting ’til #Melfest i hope that you’re enjoying.

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And I know we don’t know the songs yet but anyway who do you think will qualify tell us more about with your comments below.