Danica Krstić, who competed with two other artists at last year’s national final of Serbia “Odbrojavanje za Beč”, which means “Countdown for Vienna” has recorded a video clip to her candidate song after a year. She has ended up the contest at 2nd place, and her competitor Bojana Stamenov has won the national final with her song “Ceo Svet je Moj”, which means “Whole World is Mine”.

At last several months, her song became so popular at her country, mostly because of the contestants who are choosing this song to sing at most-popular talent shows. And afterwards, she decided to record a video clip for her national final song.

IDJ Videos, the company which is working with 2 members of the Serbia’s representative at 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, Moje 3: Sara Jo (Sara Jovanović) and Nevena Božović, Macedonia’s representative at 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, Tijana Dapčević, Serbia’s representative at 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, Milan Stanković, possible representative of Serbia at 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, “The Frajle” and Croatia’s representative at 2006 Eurovision Song Contest, Severina, made an agreement with a new name from Eurovision.

You can watch the clip from here:

Her performance at national final: