X Factor Adria has many importance about Daniel’s achievement for being representative of Macedonia. Let’s watch Daniel’s adventure in this journey, and we’ll catch some details about his career and his life from his statement in first round of the contest!


“Hi, my name is Daniel Kajmakoski. I am twenty-nine years old. I was born in Struga, Macedonia. When I was a little child, we moved to Vienna. When I come to Macedonia, they call me ‘German’, besides when I come to Austria, they call me ‘Foreign’. I think, Struga is the most supplementary city to me on the world. When I come to there, I feel peace. In here, I feel that I am at my home, more from anywhere else. I haven’t got married and haven’t got any child yet. I always want to get married to be a young father, but it seems like The God haven’t wanted this yet. I haven’t obligated myself for marriage, if it has to happen, it’ll happen. I had a chance to carve out a career for oneself, but I did not reach the success. I have worked hopeless for 3 years in Vienna. I want to feel that I’m an important person. Singing a song doesn’t have to seem like a sort of way to be famous or earn money. Sing for people, The God gave this talent to you to share with others.”


His first performance showed everybody that he was a big candidate to win this contest. Daniel was applauded by Kristina Kovač and Emina J. Sandal loudly for a long time.

The second step was the “Jury home” week. He sang “When I Was Your Man” from Bruno Mars. And he impressed his mentor and the representative of Serbia in 2012 Željko Joksimović and his close friend Tony Cetinski who represented Croatia in 1994. Afterwards he has chosen for last four in “Over 27s” group and qualified for the next step.


1. Week Performance: One Love-U2

2. Week Performance: Čija Si-Toše Proeski

3. Week Performance: Сонце Не Ме Грее (Sonce Ne Me Gree)-Vlatko Lozanoski

4. Week Performance: Counting Stars-One Republic

5. Week Performance: Wake Me Up-Avicii

6. Week Performance: Stay-Hurts

7. Week Performance: Unchained Melody-Righteous Brothers

8. Week Performance: Ljubavi-Željko Joksimović

Final Performances:

Kings Of Leon-Sex On Fire

Robbie Williams-Angels

Toše Proeski-The Hardest Thing

Daniel Merriweather-Red