First Photo

Let’s have a quick look what has been done at first dress rehearsal of the grand final.

Conchita 41) Conchita has done her rehearsal. She will sing “You Are Unstoppable” at the grand final of Eurovision as an interval act. She will be on stage with six dancers.

Orchestra2) Second detail from the first dress rehearsal is, a big orchestra will be waiting for us at the grand final of Eurovision.

Vienna 3) In this year’s Eurovision, when Vienna will connect with the country which will announce it’s vote, it will be written “Vienna” in the language of the country which they’ve connnected with. (Vienë: Vienna in Albanian)

Elhaida4) Representative of Albania, Elhaida Dani has changed her costume for the grand final of Eurovision. She’s still in black but she will be wearing a long black dress at the grand final.