The last Russian participant Polina Gagarina joined to┬ágrand jury instead of Dima Bilan in a Tv series as known “Golos” (The Voice) in Russia.

This two names did very significant things in the name of Russia for Eurovision.

Dima Bilan represented Russia for two times; in 2006 Athens┬á& 2008 Belgrade. He was number two with his song “Never Let You Go” for his first time, and also he reached victory in Serbia after two years. However he ┬áhad wanted to represent ┬áRussia again in 2012, but the grandmothers did not allowed him to join.

Dima Bilan took office in Golos’s jury panel until last year. Now he is absent. Other Eurovision artist Polina Gagarina taking part in series. She represented Russia in Vienna with her song “A Million Voices” Although she approached on victory, Swidish artist won the contest at end of the night.

If you wanna follow dear Polina, the official website of Golos is important for you.