Dinah Nah’s real name is┬áMalin Dinah Sundstr├Âm6┬áwants┬á to participate Melodifestivalen again this year. Her summer was busy with “Alls├ąng p├ą Skansen”, “Sommarlov” etc. Nowadays she is writing a song for Melodifestivalen…And she thinks: If I were to be involved again, I would probably be a lot more nervous. I’m really eager to Melodifestivalen again next year. I’m writing songs before that. Then, just keep your fingers crossed.

35 years old singer has two daughters Nova(6) and Nellie (3). She is a licensed skin therapist and nurse. This colorful woman was member of pop group Caramell from 1998-2002. Last year she has participated Melodifestivalen 2015’s fourth semi final with her song “Make Me (La La La)” and has became 12th with 22 points in the final.

Dina Nah’s “Alls├ąng p├ą Skansen” performance:

Dina Nah’s “Melodifestivalen 2015” performance: