Our dear reader we have some exciting news for you as you know ESCape news never stops and we will be at Eurovision In Concert and Eurovision London Party so we want you to send your songs to us for us to ask them. Here is how you can send questions and which countries are coming:


Albania: Eneda Tarifa – Fairytale
Austria: Zoe – Loin d’ici
Belarus: Ivan – Help You Fly
Bosnia & Herzegovina: Deen & Dalal feat. Ana Rucner & Jala –Ljubav Je
Croatia: Nina Kraljic – Lighthouse
Cyprus: Minus One – Alter Ego
Estonia: Jüri Pootsmann – Play
France: Amir – J’ai Cherché
FYR Macedonia: Kaliopi – Dona
Iceland: Greta Salóme – Hear Them Calling
Israel: Hovi Star – Made of Stars
Italy: Francesca Michielin – No Degree of Separation
Latvia: Justs – Heartbeat
Malta: Ira Losco – Walk on Water
Moldova: Lidia Isac – Falling stars
Montenegro: Highway Trio – The Real Thing
The Netherlands: Douwe Bob – Slow Down
Norway: Agnete – Icebreaker
Romania: Ovidiu Anton – Moment of Silence
Spain: Barei – Say Yay
Switzerland: Rykka – The Last of our Kind
United Kingdom: Joe & Jake – You’re Not Alone
Serbia: Sanja Vučić ZAA – Goodbye
Ukraine: Jamala – 1944
Bulgaria: Poli Genova – If Love Was A Crime
Slovenia: ManuElla – Blue and Red
Poland: Michał Szpak – Color Of Your Life

and you can send your questions to info@escapenews.org with your name and country.

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