EBU set day for semi-final allocation draw. It will be on 25th of January.

37 of 43 competitive country of this year’s Eurovision will be on stage at semi-final to make through the grand final of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The allocation draw which will determine the semi finals of the competing countries will be on 25th of January at Stockholm. At the same time we will learn, at which semi-final Australia will take part for the first time.

The other thing that will learn at allocation draw that at which semi-final th Big 5 (France, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom) will vote. For now, they’ve just announced that Germany, which is one of the countries in Big 5, will vote at second semi-final, and Israel will be on stage at second semi-final.

As a tradition, the keyring which the mayors add the insignia of their cities will be on this day as well. The tradition started at Helsinki, where the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest was held. Handover of the keyring will be in between the mayors of Vienna and Stockholm on 25th of October.

The allocation draw of last year’s Eurovision: