Today we have talked with another Söngvakeppnin participant. She is Elísabet Ormslev. Her song “Á Ný”  was written by Greta Salóme who represented Iceland in Eurovision 2012 and who is one of the 12 participants Söngvakeppnin 2016…

-Who is Elísabet? Can you tell us yourself, musical career? I have watched you cover (Adele- “Hello”) it’s amazing! Who are your favorite singers?

My name is Elísabet Ormslev. I´m 22 years old, turning 23 on February 15th. I´m a singer, makeup artist and a marketing manager. I´ve been performing publicly since I was 14 years old and this is my first time as a front headliner in Söngvakeppnin. My favorite artists are Adele, Etta James, Sia and Aretha Franklin, I draw huge inspiration from all of them.

-Why did you decide to enter the contest?

I had decided a while ago that if I was asked to sing a song that it would have to be  amazing, I´d have to connect to it so I would be able to perform it as best as I possibly can.

-Could you tell us a little bit about your song and its message?

“Á Ný” is about missing or losing someone and feeling like that person is near, that the loss is haunting you.

-How are you preparing yourself for the Söngvakeppnin 2016 and any targets for the contest?

My main target is being 100% focused really. I´m eating healthy, working out and taking care of myself. I want to perform the song from the heart. I feel a deeper connection to it the more I sing it. The lyrics mean something to me personally although I didn´t write them so that´s a huge plus.

-Have you listened other participants of Söngvakeppnin 2016? What do you think about them?

I love how diverse the competition is this year. None of the songs are the same and I think we´ll all do a kick ass job when we perform them.

-Do you have any surprises during your live performance?

Yes, I´ll do a few things differently. You´ll have to watch and see 😉

-If you were to win the national selection and represent Iceland in Stockholm, at the Eurovision, would you sing in Icelandic or English?  I think Icelandic is really melodic language song, what do you think?

I´ve always been a huge fan of sending our songs in Icelandic, but Á Ný will be performed in English. It suits the song better.

-What does Eurovision mean to you? Do you have any favorite Eurovision song?

I´m a complete Eurovision fanatic! I blame my mother, she started it back in 1986 and the Eurovision virus caught on. I have a few favorites from previous contests; Molitva – Marija Serifovic (Serbia 2007), Lejla – Hari Mata Hari (Boznia & Herzigovina 2006), Lane Moje – Zeljko Joksimovic (Serbia and Montenegro 2004) and many others. Can you tell I´m a sucker for Balkan music?

-What do you think of the previous Eurovision participants from Iceland?

Many of them I really liked and thought they deserved a little more than they got. I´m not a massive fan of all of them though.

-Do you have any message for our readers? We wish see you in Stockholm!

Thank you so much to all of you who have sent messages on my like page on Facebook, I love interacting with my fans! I can´t wait to perform my song on stage and I hope to see you all in Stockholm! xx