The representative of Azerbaijan in Eurovision Song Contest 2008 Elnur Hüseynov was at the stage of “The Voice” of Turkey a couple days ago.

He enchanted everyone with his voice. He even rock the social media that night, some people proclaimed him as the winner of “The Voice”.

He told that he wanted to prove oneself. Although his friends attempt to “The Voice” in Russia by his name, he prefered to be at the stage of “The Voice” of Turkey. And he add that he is so happy to be here.

He made all of the juries turned, and after that, he sang the song “Aşk” from our winner of Eurovision, Sertab Erener and three other songs with a big applause.

Our representative in 2004 Eurovision Song Contest, Gökhan told to Elnur that he has the best voice that he has ever listened in this contest.

Our representative in 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, Hadise told that she turned to him first so he has to prefer her.

Our representatives in 1985 and 1988 Eurovision Song Contest Mazhar-Özkan, offered him to record his own CD.

Nevertheless Elnur chose Ebru Gündeş as his coach.

Here is the marvelous performance of Elnur in “The Voice” of Turkey:

To recognize the performance of Elnur in 2008 Eurovision Song Contest: