The most curious question has been answered : Stage design for 2016 revealed!

Swedish broadcaster SVT has revealed the stage design for 2016. The stage of this year has been designed by Frida Arvidsson and Viktor Brattstr├Âm who also created┬áthe stage for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.

The stage includes an innovative LED wall which allows the artists to move inside it. This is major difference from previous years. The green room is located in front of the stage, as Eurovision Song Contest 2012, also is in the middle of the audience parts. In this way, each artists will be able to watch the live performances of other participants.


Bu slayt g├Âsterisi i├žin JavaScript gerekir.

The creators have reflects their opinions about stage as fallows:


┬áViktor Brattstr├Âm:
“We want to do something that makes people wonder if itÔÇÖs even possible.┬áNormally an LED wall is a flat background wall at the very end of the stage. We have broken up the wall and┬ámade it possible for people to move inside it “


Frida Arvidsson :
We focused on a softer expression with no pixels and projections.We are trying to play with the room and create optical illusions ┬á”


Also producer of this year┬á Sven Stojanovic┬áseems to be┬áimpressed┬áwith the┬ádesign. He says about it;┬á“ItÔÇÖs really a great looking stage, giving us something that we havenÔÇÖt seen before. In a way the stage gives us almost unlimited possibilities but at the same time forcing us to think in a new way. Creatively itÔÇÖs both challenging and inspiring”

If you remember, the fans were dissopointed in stage design when the plan was announced in 2013. But this time the first comments are very pozitive.