This year Spain is represented by Edurne with her song “Amancer” in Vienna. Amount of contribution of TVE to the European Union for participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 totally is 356,000 euros, a figure slightly less than last year due to the increase in the number of participating countries…Eurovision 2015’s cost is 282,000 euros, 356,000 euros including VAT for Spanish Television TVE. A price that is not including travel, subsistence, clothing and commentators contracts other expenses that will generate the Spanish delegation in Austria during the festival.

In 2009, the total cost was 338,960 euros, VAT excluded; in 2010, amounted to 383,384 euros, paying a 18% VAT; in 2011, reached 419,829 euros, again with 18% VAT; in 2012, the cost rose to 427,613 euros, a 21% VAT; and in 2013, the last full data known, remained at 398,615 euros, as announced the then chairman of TVE Leopoldo González-Echenique.



Source: El Mundo