The 65th Eurovision Song Contest, which has been canceled will be held again in the Netherlands next year. So, countries have already determined their singers.

So far, 20 countries confirmed their participation of Eurovision 2021. 13 of these broadcasters announced their participants.

Here are the countries that confirmed their participation:

?? Austria: Vincent Bueno
?? Azerbaijan: Samira Efendi
?? Belgium: Hooverphonic
?? Bulgaria: Victoria
?? Croatia
?? Denmark
?? Estonia
?? Finland
?? Georgia: Tornike Kipiani
?? Greece: Stefania
?? Ireland
?? Israel: Eden Alene
?? Lithuania
?? Netherlands: Jeangu Macrooy
?? Norway
?? Romania: Roxen
?? Russia: Little Big
?? Spain: Blas Cantò
?? Switzerland: Gjon’s Tears
?? Ukraine: GO_A

More than forty countries are expected to participate in the competition next year.