“A Eurovision Nostalgia” happened at the new episode of “The Voice of Turkey” last night.

After the duel of two foreign contestant, producer of the show Acun Ilıcalı said “I think this contest is filling the gap of Eurovision with getting more international.”. After these words, they started to talk about Eurovision. Then Ilıcalı started to monitorize some sections which was the performances of juries in Eurovision. Mazhar Alanson and Özkan Uğur (MFÖ/1985-1988) started to tell about the process of their preparation for staging and the song. After that, we watched their entry in 1985.

“They were the first people which haven’t turned their back to Europe in this country.” complimented Gökhan Özoğuz (vocalist of Athena/2004). Alanson and Uğur told they noticed to use some things which haven’t used in Eurovision yet, like clove, blue tie etc. and they add they had some fans before, but esspecially they got famous with this contest.

After all, it was Hadise’s turn. She couldn’t stop her tears when she was watching her performance on Eurovision stage in 2009, Moscow.

Next video was the performance of Gökhan Özoğuz and Athena when we were the host country.

Jury members told that they felt something really different when they saw the Turkish flag.

“The year which Gökhan compete was completely different, it was in Istanbul. But I was in Moscow and there were a lot of flag in front of me. That atmosphere is something so different.” said Hadise.

“I’ve never felt something like that on stage. At the beginning I was so calm, because we took stage so many times. But when they called us and said ‘It’s your turn.’ I felt like I’m carrying whole country at my back.” said Gökhan Özoğuz.

Ebru Gündeş (jury) complimented all the jury members for their success about placing Turkish melodies in their Eurovision songs.