Yesterday Terry Wogan died of cancer, aged 77, at his home in Buckinghamshire. He was┬ácommentator for the Eurovision Song Contest from 1971 to 2008 but Eurovision Song Contest 1998 was very special for him…┬á

He co-hosted the contest with Ulrika Jonsson in 1998, in Birmingham’s National Indoor Arena. Ulrika Jonsson tells Terry Wogan to The Sun:

┬á ┬áWhen┬áI was asked to host the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest with him, it was like all my Christmases had come at once.┬áIt was a really big gig but he was as cool as a cucumber, turned up on the night, nailed it and wasnÔÇÖt even flustered when things were going wrong.┬áThere was never any sign of an ego about him. His greatest touch was not just that he was funny, but that he did not take himself seriously.┬áTrying to sum him up for my kids wasnÔÇÖt easy. He was good at so much. I loved him. He was a joy to work with.


Ulrika and Terry have hosted 43rd Eurovision Song Contest:

Openning Ceromony of Eurovision 1998: