Eurovision Song Contest the worlds oldest song contests there is no doubt. And All Europe -and Australia- watching the Contest for years. And the biggest award of Eurovision Song Contest is having the “Eurovision Winner” title and bringing the contest to your country. Is there anything you can treasure ?

I should start telling the story from 2009.

All the performances ended and ın the middle of the voting when everybody understood that Fairytale will win I said I hope the “Trophy is Ugly” just after my dad laughed at me. But there’s something that he doesn’t know Trophy could be Ugly. Like in 1996 Trophy was a stone in a cage or like in 1992 trophy was a cylinder stone. I know that all of them have a deep meaning in art but for eurovision it should be more meaningful. But no! The one that they gave to Rybak was as same as last years.
After 2008 probably EBU did’t want anymore risks about trophies and they decide on same trophy for every year The only thing that changes on trophy is year,city and Country name.
Designer of the trophy is famous glass designer Kjell Engman who born in 1946. He is a glass designer for 30 years.
Here are the trophies since 1956. As you will see in the beginning of the photos prizes more look like simple Platelets after years that’s changing and they are more original and big*:


*P.S. If you want an eurovision’s glass microphone you can order online from china but you have order 50 trophies in one time so you need to find 49 more people with you

P.S. 2. I’m curious that why they don’t add anything like that at least a key chain to the eurovision’s official shop

atilla şereftuğP.S.3 In 1988 world wide singer Celine Dion -Singer of The Song My Heart will go on- won the contest with the song Ne Partez Pas Sains Moi and thoose days they gave prizes to the composers too. And the composer of the Ne Partez Pas Sains Moi is Atilla Şereftuğ. Unfortunately after an accident his trophy got broken.