We have captured by a love-storm┬áby SVT but it’s about to end and after tonight we will be learned every single song of #Melfest 2016 and here is “Everything You Need To Know About Fourth Semi-Final Of #Melfest 2016”

Semi Final 4


Gavle will host a Semi-Final of #Melfest in Gavlerinken Arena for the second time. It hosted #Melfest in 2007 for the first time.


P.S.:For some parts Arena uses green energy which powered by two 4kW wind turbine.

She is back again after 2012 Sarah Dawn Finer will host the Melfest with Gina Dirawi again. ThereÔÇÖs no doubt that she has an amazing voice but she find out other talent inside her comedian part with Lynda Woodruf. Everybody is asking the same question “Will we watch Lynda Woodruff this year?”.


Eclipse has started its music career in 1999 and released first studio album in 2001 and till 2015 they released 5 more albums (2004,2008,2012,2014,2015). They are attending #Melfest first time ever.

Their #Melfest 2016 songÔÇÖs name is ÔÇťRunawaysÔÇŁ and written by Erik Martensson.

2- Dolly Style
Hello Hi !In 2015 they got the all attention on theirselves with their staging and barbie world style song. TheyÔÇÖre back just after 2015 which┬áeliminated in Andra Chansan against Dinah Nah. After 2015 we can say that theyÔÇÖre coming really strong cause they release one more song named ÔÇťCherry GumÔÇŁ and they made a really big fan base.

Their 2016 song named ÔÇťRollercoasterÔÇŁ and its written by Thomas G:son, Peter Bostr├Âm and its the same team with Euphoria and Pastora SolarÔÇÖs Quadrate Conmingo.

3-Martin Stenmarck
Here in Las Vegas tonightÔÇŽ Sorry this time youÔÇÖre in Gavle Martin. He had already won #Melfest in 2005 with the song ÔÇťLas VegasÔÇŁ unfortunately he couldnÔÇÖt do well. He came 19th with 30 points. Then he tried his chance in 2014 again with the song “N├Ąr ├Ąnglarna g├ąr hemÔÇŁ and in Andra Chanson he eliminated against Linus Svenning now he will try his 3rd chance.

Name of his 2016 song is “Du tar mig tillbaksÔÇŁ . Song had written by David Stenmarck who is MartinÔÇÖs brother.
4- Linda Bengtzing
She has a deep history in #Melfest ’cause she had already attended to the contest 5 times which are in 2005, 2006, 2008, 2011 and last time was in 2014 with the song ÔÇťTa MigÔÇŁ but she couldnÔÇÖt qualify from the Semi Final. Her best result was in 2011 with the song “E de fel p├ą mig?ÔÇŁ which ended fourth in Final.

She is will make her sixth appearance with a song called ÔÇťKiller GirlÔÇŁ which written by herself Mathias Kallenberger, Andr├ęas Berlin and Dag ├ľhrlund.


Actually he doesnÔÇÖt have long musical career actually he is just 17 and he known with his Football Anthems and the most famous one is about Zlatan. And he sang the song when he was 8.

His #Melfest 2016 song called ÔÇťIf I Were SorryÔÇŁ which had written by himself Oscar Fogelstr├Âm, Michael Saxell and Fredrik Andersson.


Panetoz will make return in 2016 just 2 years after their debut. In 2014 they qualify to the final then they came ninth in final. Then they released an album in 2014 named “Det blir vad du g├Âr det till” and then they released a single named “Norge”.

Their songs name for 2016 is┬áH├ąll om mig h├ąrt which means “Hold me Tight”. Song had written by 3 members of group
Pa Modou Badjie, Njol Badjie, Nebeyu Baheru and Jimmy Jansson, Karl-Ola Kjellholm, Jakke Erixson.

7-Molly Sanden

Queen of JESC for Sweden. In 2006 she finished 3rd in Junior Eurovision. Then first she tried #Melfest in 2009 with “S├ą Vill Stj├Ąrnorna” ┬áshe qualified for final but she finished last. Then back in 2012 she made her second appearance with “Why Am I Crying?” and she qualified again. She finished fifth in final. In past two years she released Phoenix, Satellites and Freak. With freak she reached 16th position in Swedish charts. Then she released “Like No One’s Watching” ┬áAlbum in 2015. And you will recognize her boyfriend Danny Saucedo.

Her song’s name is “Youniverse”. It’s written by herself, her boyfriend Danny Saucedo and, John Alexis.

Youniverse Leaked!

Last week one of the #Melfest 2016 favorites Molly Sanden’s #Melfest 2016 song “Youniverse” leaked on Amazon but today SVT revealed that song won’t disqualify cause Sony Music proved that they have made everything right and it wasn’t record company’s or Sand├ęn’s wrong. Then SVT revealed other songs snippets from the fourth semi-final for a limited time.Molly Sand├ęn


Last night in Gavle #Melfest 2016’s last semi-final’s rehearsals enden and here is more information.

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Song: Runaways

Band and their instruments will be on stage. They will use fire and colors will be white and red.

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Dolly Style

Song: Rollercoaster

Four more dancers will join them.There will be LED Poies, small clouds, smoke and purple, turquoise and pink colored confetties.

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Martin Stenmarck

Song:Du tar mig tillbaks

He will be alone on stage. His light’s color will be sun-bleached.

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Linda Bengtzing

Song: Killer Girl

She will be on stage with six more dancers. She will use stairs, curtains and fans. Mainly colors will be in gold and red.

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Song: If I Were Sorry

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There will be five podiums with the light on, cartoon characters on the LED, fans and yellow, green and red confetties.

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Molly Sanden

Song: Youniverse

She will be on stage with four dancers. There will be fabric , stroblampor, smoke and White Strobe Flares. Lights will be in white and blood red.

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Analysis Of The Songs

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You can read the lyrics from here.