I’ve been reading about Sanremo for days to understand the format and now I think I understood it. Let’s look at the artists together.

First Night-Campioni Songs

In the first night there will be big artists and they will compete with their contest song. 50 percent of the votes will come from press juries and the other 50 percent will come from televotes. We will here the songs for the first time tonight. But we’re not gonna hear any results tonights. We’re gonna learn overall scores at the end of the fourth night. Here are the artists for First Night.

Lorenzo Fragola

He is  20 and he won the Italian Version of the X-Factor. He released his first album in 2015 and it named “1995”. It had reached to the top spots in Italian Charts. His songs name for Sanremo 2016 is “Infinite volte”.








She was the coach of “The Voice of Italy” in 2013. This will be her second attend to Sanremo first was in 2010 with the song “Per tutta la vita” and it won the Platinum Disk. Her songs name for 2016 is “La borsa di una donna”.








Dear Jack

They are returning just after their 2015 Sanremo appearance. Dear Jack is a band which occurred by Alessio Bernabei, Francesco Pierozzi, Lorenzo Cantarini, Alessandro Presti and Riccardo Ruiu. They reached to the fourth spot in Italian Charts in 2014 with the song “Domani è un altro film” and they are tuning with the song “Mezzo respiro”.


Daborah Iurato and Giovanni Caccamo

Deborah has released 2 albums till now both were in 2014 and her song “Anche se Fuori È Inverno” was number 1 in Italian Charts in 2014. Giovanni was the winner of newcomers part of Sanremo 2015 with “Ritornerò da the”. He had written song for Italy’s 2014 representer Emma Maronne His best spot is 29 in Italian Charts.

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They will release their 15th studio album in 2016 they’ve releasing albums since 1982. This will be their fifth attend to Sanremo their result result is 5th in 1999. They are coming with the song “Un giorno mi dirai”. Members of the band are  Giovanni Pezzoli , Roberto Drovandi , Andrea Fornili , Gaetano Curreri .stadio-testocanzone-740x340


In 2014 she reached to the third place in Italian Charts with the album “Se Vedo Te” and she was at the top of Italian Charts in 2009, 2012, 2014 with her singles she won Sanremo newcomers in 2009 and Sanremo big artists in 2014 and she had the second place in 2012. Her 2016 song called “”Guardando il cielo”.


Enrico Ruggeri

Hello Hello to an Eurovision veteran Enrico. He has competed in 1993 and he finished 12th. He had released 34 albums since 1977. He won Sanremo in 1987 too. He is returning to Sanremo with the song “Il primo amore non si scorda mai”



We have another boyband for Sanremo 2016 which had never compete at Sanremo.Members are Marco Castoldi, Andrea Fumagalli, Sergio Carnevale, Livio Magnini. They have named their song as “Semplicemente” for 2016.


Rocco Hunt

Here we have another winner of “New Comers” part of Sanremo from 2014. He usually sings rap. His song named “Wake Up” for 2016 and it’s the only English Song in this Sanremo 2016 so far.


Irene Fornaciari

She participated in “Newcomers” part in 2009 and she return in 2010 in “Big Artists” part. She had released 3 albums in 2007, 2009 and 2012. She sings Blues. She is coming with the song “Blu”to 2016.


And we had already mentioned that Elton John and Ellie Goulding will come to Sanremo as guest and you can see Elton tonight for more details read here.