Diggi-loo diggi-ley, life is goin’ our way. #Melfest continues and we are at the half way ! Here is everything you need to know about tonight’s semi three.

Semi-Final 3

It will be held in Norrköping first time ever in Himmelstalundshallen. Usually the arena hosts ice hockey games. Its capacity is 4,280 and it opened in 1977.







In this Semi-Final Henrik Schyffert who is an comedian,actor and musician will be co-hosting with Gina Dirawi. He had never hosted #Melfest. Good Luck !








She born in Sweden but she grew up in Sweden, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. She will bring Afro-Pop to #Melfest this year.

Her songs name is “Kizunguzungu” which means “Dizziness” in English. And it written by herself, Anderz Wrethov and Eurovision 2009 star Arash.

2-Swingfly feat. Helena Gutarra

Welcome Back ! This will be Swingfly’s second appearance at #Melfest in 2011 he sand the song “Me and My Drum” and he came fifth in final. It was his most successful single song reached second place in Swedish charts. He made rap vocals for Robyn. Helena Gutarra will be featuring to him who was one on the finalists of “The Voice: Sverige”.

Their song called “You Carved Your Name” and written by Jocke Åhlund and  Andreas Kleerup who wrote song for Robyn’s album.


They won the wild-card for #Melfest with the jury votes. Difference from the last years Wild-card rules they need to send different song to #Melfest. Their wild-card song was “Goosebumps”

Their song for #Melfest will be “Weight of the World” and its written by Arvid Ångström, Dennis Babic, Oscar Berglund Juhola, Anton Göransson, Robin Danielsson.

4-After Dark

In this semi-final we have a Drag Act. Their main artist is Christer Lindarw. In 2004 they sang at #Melfest for the
first time ever. Then they returned in 2007 with the song “”(Åh) När ni tar saken i egna händer” but they couldn’t reach to the final.


Their song named as “Kom ut som en stjärna” it means “Come out like a star” in English. And the song had written by Sven-Inge Sjöberg, Lennart Wastesson, Larry Forsberg, Lina Eriksson, Kent Olsson and Calle Kindbom who is one of the co-writers of Sweden’s 2003 song “Give Me Your Love

5-Lisa Ajax

She is just 17-years-old but she has already won the “Idol: Sverige” in 2014. She attend to Lila #Melfest in 2012 which is a contest for Junior Eurovision with the song “Allt som jag har” but she couldn’t make it.

For #Melfest her song’s name is “My Heart Wants Me Dead” and it written by writers of #Melfest winners Heroes and You Linnea Deb, Joy Deb. Anton Hård af Segerstad who wrote the Phoenix for Molly Sanden and songs for Fifth Harmony. Finally Nikki Flores(Wrote songs for Disney movie Series “Cheetah Girls”), Sara Forsberg

6-Boris Rene

Former footballer played for Degerfors IF as defender in Sweden. But in 2013 he changed his career to music and released his first single “Alive”.

His song called “Put Your Love On Me” and it hasd written by himself, Tobias Lundgren, Tim Larsson. They wrote the songs “Las Vegas” which is Sweden’s 2005 song, “Heartbreak Hotel” for  YOHIO and “I’ll Be Fine” for Molly Peterson Hammar.
7-Oscar Zia

You’re gonna remember him from 2014 with “Yes We Can” he was only 17 when he sang at #Melfest and he finished 8th in final. Actually 2 years ago from #Melfest he attend to “X Factor” 2012 in Sweden and he finished 8th too in final.

He is returning with the song “Human” this year. His song had written by himself , Victor Thell and Maria Smith.


This week we asked you that which Sanna Nielsen Are You If you still didn’t find it out test is here.



Last night dress rehearsal finished in Norrköping here are the details.


Staging Details And Previous Rehearsals


Song: Kizunguzungu

She will have four dancer with her on the stage. Only effect will be yellow confetties main colors of the lights will be turquoise, yellow and pink.


Swingfly feat. Helena Gutarra

Song: You Carved Your Name

Five dancers will join them on the stage. They will only use CO2 Jets as an effect.


Song: Weight of the World

Only they will be on the stage and they will use silver jets, fountains. Colors of the lights will be yellow, blue, green, gray and white.

After Dark

Song:Kom Ut Som En Stjärna

Four drag queens and two dancers will join them on the stage. They will use big candle letters, fans and silver confetties.

Lisa Ajax

Song: My Heart Wants Me Dead

She will have six dancers on the stage. Long pieces of the clothes will be hanging on the stage there will be fans and smoke. Lights mainly will be in white and gold.

Boris René

Song: Put Your Love on Me

He will be on stage with five dancers. Lights will be in red and tungsten.

Oscar Zia


Song: Human

He will be alone on the stage this time and there will be a lot of smoke and a color cloud which will change the color through the song. And he will use 208 camera angles.






If you still don’t know the lyrics of the songs just read our post from here.