The slogan and the theme artwork have already been revealed for the 63th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest recently. Nowadays, all the attention is on possible explanations about the stage design. ESCapeNews have just obtained exciting news about the stage design!

The contest will take place in Altice Arena in Lisbon, as already revealed. The arena has a capacity of 20000 audience, which received a positive response from Eurovision fans. As you may remember, the capacity of last year’s arena in Ukraine was thought to be insufficient by most of the fans, and Ukraine was criticised on their organization.

Now we have the arena, the theme, and the slogan, but what aout the stage? There hasn’t been an official statement about the stage yet. However, the first wave of tickets have already been sold out, according to the predicted seating arrangement. It is not common that tickets are sold before stage and seats are arranged, so we decided to dig some information in order to find the answers. Eventually, we collected some rumours! The stage design is already ready, and it is going to be released very soon!

So, who designed the stage?

According to the rumours we have got, the 2018 stage is designed by ‘Wieder Design’, the German company which also designed the stages of 2011,2012,2015 and 2017. The company was founded in 1995 by Florian Wieder, and it was highly experienced after designing the previous four stages. In his interviews, Wieder often emphasizes how he internalizes Eurovision spirit, saying “I love the idea behind Eurovision Song Contest”. Eurovision stages are not the only success of this company, but they also designed the stages of big events such as MTV 2007- 2009 Europe Award (BDA Promax Award Gold), 2012 MTV Film and MTV Video Awards 2010-2012 (Primetime Emmy Award), German Echo, Deutschland sucht den Superstar, Schlag den Raab.

Florian Wieder also explained in an interview that he had had different ideas for last year’s stage, but he had to give up on some extras because of inadequate financial sources. In the video below, you can see the initial plan of Wieder for the stage of Eurovision 2017.

What are your expectations about the staging in Portugal? Tell us in the comments.