First Impressions of First Four Acts Of Second Day


Czech Repıublic
Czech Republic done their first rehearsal today and it was flawless yes Gabriela was only standing there which id the she should do during this song than the there are same images from the music video on the LED screens. At the end she opens her hair and it looks really strong. There’s not so much to talk about but she stands really strong.


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Cyprus only had some cages and some wolf videos during the video but there’s nothing special hopefully there will be pyro techniques then audience maybe can be affected by the performance and the main soloist can’t reach to the audience unfortunately.


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NO TREADMILL! Why Austria they’ve done their third rehearsal there were still nothing and we need to say that it’s way less fairytale than National Final. Lights and LED Screens used really successfully. But hopefully we will have a lot of things to say after treadmill arrives.


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Estonia’s rehearsal was really simple with some cards which Jüri throws one at the end of the song. But there weren’t anything special in the staging I mean all the work on LED screens and Estonia really uses the stage.



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