Recently,┬áZorya Lukans┬á(Ukraine)┬áhas been┬ádrawn in Europa League group A┬áwith Fenerbah├že (Turkey), Manchester United (the United Kingdom) and Feyenoord (the Netherlands). ┬áAs Zorya Luhansk is a Ukrainian football team, there is a possibility that its upcoming matches may change the Eurovision plans and contribute to the ‘host city crisis’.

Zorya Luhansk is going to play the Europa League matches in Chernomorets Stadium. As you may remember, Chernomorets was the stadium that Odessa had presented to EBU as the candidate Arena for the 2017 edition of Eurovision. If Odessa is chosen as the host city, the stadium will be covered with a temporary roof. The preparation of the arena is going to start in fall and it is expected to be ready by May.

Zorya Luhansk is going to play the group matches on 15th September┬áwith Fenerbah├že, 3rd November with Feyenoord and 8th December with Manchester United. According to UEFA rules, the stadium plans can only be changed with the official decision of UEFA, not by the football clubs by themselves.

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If Odessa is chosen as the host city by the EBU, Zorya Luhansk will not be able to play at Chernomorets Stadium and they will have to arrange another arena for their football matches.