According to Aftonbladet Panetoz, David Lingren and Swingfly returned to Melodifestivalen and Dolly Style will take part in the contest for the second time with the song that is done Thomas G: Son.

Also David Lingren┬áhas competed for two times, and he achieved the qualify for each. His the best score was in 2012 with song “Shout it Out”. He completed┬áfourth in the competition.

Swingfly, 43, was ┬ásuccess in the competition in 2011 with the song “Me and my drum” which finished fifth in the final.

Panetoz competed in 2014 with “Efter solsken” who finished ninth┬á in grand final.

Even Dolly Style is said to be back in next year’s competition according N├Âjesbladet informant. Last spring, they competed with energetic song┬á“hello hi” but they out of the race in the second chance. Since then, some of the members replaced. According to some rumors┬áThomas G: Son prepares a song for them.