Hubert Giraud who is composer France’s first victory in 1958┬á┬ádied in Montreux at aged 95…

In 1958 he participated as a composer of “Dors, mon amour”, performed by Andr├ę Claveau from France, won the Eurovision Song Contest 1958.

Anne-Marie David who is the winner of Eurovision Song Contest 1973 has participated second time in 1979 for France with┬áHubert Giraud’s song “Je suis l’enfant-soleil” for France.

Hubert Giraud was born in 3 March 1920 in Marseille and died in Montreux at aged 95. Hubert Giraud has participated Eurovision Song Contest 7 times as a composer:

1958: France, winner

1959: France, 3rd

1960: Monaco, 3rd

1961: Monaco, 10th

1967: France, 3rd

1971: Luxembourg, 13th

1979: France, 3rd