This year was full of scandals from Germany’s Xavier to Anna Book’s disqualification. But as fans we got used to it! This time it’s France.

This morning with an shocking decision France announced that Amir Haddad will represent in 2016. Did we really surprised? As Michele says NO. But a little bit of yes too.

Because on fourth of February France2 started to sending hints and first hint was a make-up desk.Everyone know man make make-up too but that desk was ultimately for woman.

Ekran Alıntısı

After that most of us think that representer will be a women. Maybe France wanted us to know like that (It’s not funny at all France). 12 days later France2 posted this blurry photo then no one did understand anything.

Ekran Alıntısı

At the same day France to posted an electric guitar photo.

Ekran Alıntısı

And announced that France will announce their act on 12th of March:

Ekran Alıntısı

The reason why we surprised little bit cause Amir rumors has already started but we were saying “No way cause representer will be women.” But in case of any announcement we have already made our research. And just WOW! We can say that France chose the most global artist that they can choose. One article was saying “Israeli-French singer and songwriter of Tunisian and Moroccan-Spanish Jewish parents”

And actually after all those Paris Attack and terrorism in the world it’s a really logical idea but still we were thinking as impossible cause we were waiting for a female.


But we have a conspiracy theory and it is: “Probably France chose a female artist but they disagreed with her and agreed with Amir. Ad we say at the beginning we really used to things like that. Cause Germany already first announced Xavier then pulled off him.”

And here is a part from Amir’s interview with

“I am so proud and flattered to represent my country, France, at this epic song contest that celebrates all cultures of the large European family  I watch the Eurovision Song Contest every year. It was my childhood dream to participate in the show. Trust me, I will give more than I can to make everyone proud of our performance”