The second “World Nomad Games” will take place in Kyrgyzstan from 3 to 8 september.

World Nomad Games are an international sport competition dedicated to ethnic sports practiced in Central Asia. The main countries taking part in those games are Turkey, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Russia (especially Sakha, Buryatia, Altay, Kalmykia, Bashkortostan republics, etc.) and Afghanistan.

Turkvizyon 2015’s winner Jideesh played in this year’s promo video watch it here;

This years festival will see singers across the world but two of them are known from us very well.

The first winner of the Turkvision Song Contest Farid Hasanov and Turkey’s 2014 representative Funda Kılıç will perform in the competition. Funda shared the news via her instagram account;