Gabriela Yordanova will represent her country in her motherland.
12 years old Gabriela won the public votes and she left behind her the most strong competitor Ivan Stoyanov who have same combined vote with Gabriella.

After six heats, four semifinals Bulgaria have organized national final tonight. 12 junior acts competed to be participant in the name of host country. This junior artists have been voted by public and jury, and combined points show us that the winner Gabriella Yordanova.

The song is still unclear. Gabriela will work with BNT and bTV to create their entry for the contest.

The results were:

22* Gabriela Yordanova
22 Ivan Stoyanov
21 Radko Petkov
19 Gergana Todorova
16 Simona Ivanova
13 Miriam Mavrova
10 Filip Filchev
10 Eleonora Ivanova
10 Andrea Nacheva
6 Pavel Mateev
4 Lora Gerdzhikova
3 Dilyan & Kostadin Diyakov

(*Gabriela won the tie-break as she scored more points on the public vote)