The German national final – Unser Song für Österreich – will be made on 5th March.

The acts will fight to win the ticket for Vienna. What about acts? They have been not announced yet, but we can say it : 8 acts will be on the national final stage. Seven of them are the nationally known artist and the other one unknown act selected by representatives of the NDR. This acts are from several company which are the production company Brainpool, the Sony, Universal and Warner, independent Labels and Popwellen, ARD.

We will able to learn the names of known acts on 14th January. But 8th acts will be selected by club concert on February 19th. The young talents – who will join the club concert – are going to fight to take chance for national final. And one young act will be selected by public. And last year Eliza could be on the national final with this chance.

You can reach the tickets for club concert – on 19 February 2015 at the Grosse Freiheit – is avaible for 18 Euros in the NDR ticket shop.